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"Good people, excellent food cooked with integrity and pride -..."

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In a charming and quiet place Grill 212 offers a variety of authentic, traditional Yemenite and Middle Eastern Kosher cuisines. For instance our specialty Yemenite Soup, made with only the finest fresh ground spices from the Middle East and guaranteed to rock your palate! Let our ancient family recipes infuse you with a taste for Old World Yemen where Jews have lived for thousands of years unchanged.

All our food is Glatt Kosher (click for info)

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The Hecsher is by Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein

A community based kashrus supervision service located in Manhattan, and directed by Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein, Rav of Congregation Minchas Chinuch of the upper West Side. Local restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, pizza shops and take out stores are supervised with reliable kashrus standards.

For urgent kashrus questions, please call Rabbi Marmorstein's cellular phone 917-622-5550, otherwise call the office at 212-866-3442 or send an e-mail to rabbi@mehadrin.org

For general kashrus information please use the excellent web sites providing invaluable kashrus information sponsored by the various national kosher supervision agencies.

We also serve grilled Mediterranean dishes, Shwarma, and a falafel that you will find anything but ordinary. Our falafel has been rated #1 in Israel for many years by the National television Channel station. Its jealously guarded recipe was passed down from an Uncle only before he past. Now in New York City you can experience the best of the Middle East!
Our food is made from all natural ingredients cooked fresh every day. Even the pita is baked on premises daily! You won't believe how reasonably priced a tasty hearty meal can be. So come to Grill 212 for a meal you will not forget.